• Class Fee: Knitting on a Spool with Guest Instructor, Sara Oehler

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    Knitting on a Spool           10am-12pm              Saturday, July 29th

    Knitting is an age old tradition, but feels fresh and new when using a more modern medium. In this class, students will learn how to knit on a spool using Soft Flex beading wire.  Most students will complete the bracelet during class. Cost: $35 Class plus materials

    ***Additional materials required.  $35 Class Fee covers instruction only.***

    Supply List for Students:

    • 2 - 30ft spool of .014 Soft Flex beading wire in 2 complimentary colors (ideas for combos: black and bone, black and brass, black and copper - please no Extreme)

    • 2 cones in brass, gold, silver or copper

    • Soft Flex 2x2mm crimp tubes in gold filled, silver filled or copper - 20ct.

    • 3mm crimp covers in gold filled, silver filled or copper

    • 1 connector

    A knitting spool, crimping pliers, and practice wire will be provided for use in class.