Class Fee: Sparkly Kumihimo Necklace with Guest Instructor, Sara Oehler

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Sparkly Kumihimo Necklace           10:30am-1:30pm          Friday, December 7th

In this class, students will learn how to kumihimo braid using Soft Flex beading wire and crystals. 

Taught by guest Instructor, Sara Oehler

Level: Beginner

                      Cost: $45 Class plus approximately $45 materials

***Additional materials required.  $45 Class Fee covers instruction only.***

• Supply List:

• Double Density Kumihimo Disk

• 94 - 6mm crystals

• Soft Flex .019 Medium

• 2 cones in brass, gold, silver or copper 

• Soft Flex 3x3mm crimp tubes in silver

• Soft Flex 2x2mm crimp tubes in gold filled, sterling or copper - 20ct.

• 3mm crimp covers in gold filled, sterling or copper

• 1 clasp