• Whatamelon Bracelet Kit



    Use Crescents to make beaded beads and mini Melon Rounds to make beaded rings for this stretchy, summery bracelet.

    Design and pattern by Starman TrendSetter, Stefanie Eddo-Evans.

    Level: Intermediate

    Techniques Used: Bead Weaving


    Whatamelon Bracelet Kit includes:

    • 24 CzechMates® Crescents
    • 48 Melon Rounds 3mm
    • 48 Melon Rounds, 3mm 
    • 8 Melon Rounds, 14mm 
    • 96 TOHO 11° Demi Rounds Color a 
    • 96 TOHO 11° Demi Rounds, Color b
    • Printed Hard Copy Instructions by  Starman TrendSetters

    Quantity of beads are enough to make 1 bracelet, 8” inches in length. 


    Please note: bead kit includes BEADS ONLY.  Thread, elastic, and needle are NOT included.